X. Cat. No. 11862M Form 2441 2018 Page 2 Dependent Care Benefits 12 Enter the total amount of dependent care benefits you received in 2018. Form Child and Dependent Care Expenses Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service 99 OMB No. 1545-0074. For details see the instructions for Schedule 4 Form 1040 line 60a or Form 1040NR line 59a. Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses Information about your qualifying person s. Also include this amount on Form 1040 line 1 or Form 1040NR...
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Who Needs Form 2441?

An individual who who is employed and pays for the care of a dependent child or other qualified person such as a mentally or physically disabled spouse can fill out Form 2441 Child and Dependant Care Expenses. A dependent child is considered to be a child under thirteen.

What is Form 2441 for?

Form 2441 is filled out to get a credit that would cover expenses spent to take care of a mentally or physically disabled dependent. Care for the dependent person implies services that guarantee well-being and safety of the qualifying person. The cost of food, entertainment and clothes isn’t included in the credit. The amount of the credit shouldn’t exceed $3,000 for one disabled person and $6,000 for two or more qualifying individuals. The credit is adjusted based on the person’s income.

Is Form 2441 Accompanied by other Forms?

Form 2441 isn’t followed by additional documents. However, to fill out the form, an individual needs information from Form 1040, Form 1040A or Form 1040NR.

When is Form 2441 Due?

Form 2441 is attached to Form 1040 and is submitted by the 18th of April.

How do I Fill out Form 2441?

The form is two-pages long. It may take some time to fill it out. The whole form is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 is for people or organizations who provided the care. Enter their names, address, SSN or EIN
  • Pat 2 contains information about detailed dependant credit and expenses
  • Part 3 is dedicated to dependent care benefits

Use the information from the Forms 1040, 1040A, 1040NR to do the calculations.

Where do I Send Form 2441?

Form 2441 is sent to the IRS accompanied by the Form 1040, 1040A or 1040NR.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form 2441
Instructions and Help about form 2441 fillable

Today we're going to take a look at filling out the form 24:41 this is the form for child and dependent care expenses also known as the daycare credit of course as with all forms we need to type in the name and we're going to use John and Jane Doe and of course John Doe social security number will go in the upper right hand corner which you will of course as usual double triple and quadruple check before you move on to be able to get the childcare credit you need the care providers name address and their identifying number if they have a federal ID number you would use that if it's an individual you would need their social security number this means that if you take this credit the IRS is going to expect to see this that that amount of income was reported on that person's or that organization's tax return so if this is your mother and she doesn't want to report this you cannot take the credit all right so we're going to pretend that John and Jane Doe used ABC child care and and you would put the address and the social security number or federal ID number of their organization then is the total that you pay that an organization so if John and Jane have two children that they paid for and they paid a total of $4,000 for the year to ABC child care this is how much total that they paid note under here is a section on receiving dependent care benefits what this is talking about is that if your employer helped to pay for these benefits to ABC child care sometimes an employer has benefits for their employees where they help to pay for childcare if you receive this it will be on your w-2 and you would then have to complete part three on the back of this form that is beyond the scope of this class so we will not need to be doing that part to credit for the children and this is where you're putting in the information about each child that went to ABC so if John jr. John Jr and we'll assume the last name and you would put that in and you would put in John Jr social security number double triple quadruple checking then is how much expenses you incurred and paid for Oh John jr. so let's say the four thousand that they pay was included for John and for Jane Jane junior Hey mm was for John junior and 2000 was for Jane junior so John junior were gonna put the mm here now Jane was over was 13 or over years old this credit as we have discussed in the PowerPoint is only for children under the age of 13 so Jane young Jane is over that age limit so we cannot take the credit the 2,000 that we paid for her we cannot take that only the 2,000 we paid for John Jr line three add the amount and column see of line two that's this 2,000 it says do not enter more than 3000 for one qualifying person or 6000 for two or more so we have one qualifying child and that is we can have anywhere up to $3,000 and we only have 2,000 so we'll put our 2,000 they're lying for enter your earned income your meaning whoever is listed first at the top of the return John senior is listed first...